\Mal-key-Ah\ - Queen, female monarch

Malkia's products are designed to celebrate Queens from every corner of the earth and are formulated to address real skin issues for Queens of every color.

All of our products are hand crafted with care in small batches.

Meet Malkia



Tired of having to choose between self-care and proper skincare, I knew I needed to take a different approach to my daily routine. My typical self-care products – collections of colorful bath bombs, sheet masks, and lotions – were not doing anything for my skin. They never left me looking or feeling the way I wanted. My dry skin, eczema, and hyperpigmentation all persisted.

This inspired me to create products that allowed self-care to be an experience that I could indulge in AND see real results from. For me, skincare is the best form of self-care. Using all-natural and organic ingredients was important to me because skincare products absorb into your body, and I wanted my products to nourish both the skin and body.

My African heritage inspired Malkia and the want to celebrate and embrace my inner Queen. Now, I am dedicated to helping my fellow Queen's find and embrace their natural glow through self-care.


As an avid natural product user, I always want to use products that nurture my skin and body. This led me to experiment with different brands throughout the years – enjoying the benefits of different natural ingredients and learning how they can truly affect how you feel about yourself.

I saw Linda's struggles first-hand and wanted to help find a solution. I would look at the ingredients in the products she was using and was surprised what larger brands would consider natural – often encouraging the use of natural oils and botanicals to enhance her skincare routine instead.

As she dreamed up Malkia's line of skincare and self-care products – I made sure that each formula used high quality all-natural and ethically-sourced ingredients. I began to formulate products to address my need for better all natural grooming options for men, bringing Mfalme to life.