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Amara - Botanical Bath Soak

Amara - Botanical Bath Soak

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Unwind after a long day with Amara in her coconut milk and rosebud bath soak. Infused with coconut oil for soft skin, rich and luscious organic coconut milk provide essential nutrients and vitamins (both A & C) to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. The gentle aroma of rose from the rosebuds and petals floating in your bath will calm your mind while soothing irritated skin and brightening the complexion. Dead sea salt detoxifies the body by eliminating toxins and balances the skin's pH levels.

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Scent Notes:
Coconut, Rose

Skincare: Dead Sea Salt

Moisturizers: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil


Sodium Chloride (Dead Sea Salt), Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Rosebuds, Fractionated Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Coconut Extract, Rosehip Seed Oil, Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Essential Oil)

How to use

Add the desired amount to the bathtub under running water, dispersing throughout the bath with your hands. It is best to add this right before or when you are in the bath since the essential oils will diffuse when they make contact with the water. Inhale deeply and enjoy.


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"Since using their products, I get many compliments asking what regiment am I using. Malkia thank you for the superb quality of your products!" -William H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
So Fancy

I will admit when I first opened this product, I thought it was beautiful but I didn't love the scent in the container. However, once it went in my bath, it smelled SO GOOD. I don't know if the water brought out the rose scent more or what it was, but once it went in the water it smelled wonderful. I love the packaging, the rose petals it leaves in the bath makes me feel fancy, and the scent is perfect. Highly recommend this product!

Valerie E.

I got one of those foot soak massage gadgets on Amazon, and this is a perfect addition. A relaxing foot soak before bed relieves stress and tension

Megan Smith

Love that you can use this multiple times. So relaxing!

Katherine C.

I have always wanted to take a bath in rose petals and I finally did it thanks to Malkia! Unlike other soaks I've tried, the salt dissolved very quickly. I could also feel the soft coat of moisture on my skin. Cleaning up after the bath was kind of a drag, but well worth it! Even so, the petals were small enough that they washed down my drain easy, and the larger buds were big enough to grab with a paper towel. I definitely felt like a queen!

Sarrah J.

Love this product ordered more today!!